April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Organizations across the country are working hard to increase the public's understanding about sexual assault and its prevention. We encourage you to get involved by participating in events by your local organizations.

ARIA will honor the courage of survivors at it's annual "A Night to Heal" concert on April 2, 2005 through the performances. Survivors of sexual abuse will share their story through performance art making it a remarkably unique experience.

Please support our suvivors by attending ARIA's event or other events going on throughout the month of April. There is strength in numbers so your participation matters and it encourages more survivors to come forth and find their voice again.

ARIA would like to acknowledge our past Survivor Spotlight's. Please click on their name to read their story.

Mary Morris- John Kenny - Josh Carpenter- Liz Phoenix


Each month, ARIA honors one Survivor for their courage and strength. If you'd like to nominate a survivor, please send the name of nominee, why you chose this person and the contact information to ssnominee@ariany.org

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Upcoming Events

April 2, 2005, Saturday
A Night to Heal Concert & "Who Taught me to Walk"
Short Film Screening by Maria Pirone

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April 19-20, 2005 -City Hall

2005 LISTEN Campaign
hosted by the

Crime Victims Hotline:
(212) 577-7777

Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline:
(212) 227-3000

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